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Integrate with your existing investment ecosystem

With the YieldX API, you can integrate our powerful functionality to offer customized income portfolios directly into your existing platform.

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Asset Explorer

A new search experience


Unparalleled searching

Asset Explorer enables you to search and compare yield-driven securities that meet specific investment criteria. Enter your criteria to identify yield opportunities across a wide spectrum of fixed income securities and select the ones you want to add to a portfolio or watch list, accessing our universes or applying our search capabilities to your own inventory.

The Asset Explorer advantage

The problem

Searching across fixed income products is a manual and time intensive process. Current search solutions don't filter for real time liquidity and are disconnected from portfolio construction tools and execution.

The solution

Asset Explorer enables users to search and sort over one million securities in seconds, eliminating hours or days of tedious and cumbersome processes. Seamless connection to portfolio analytics and position sizing tools with click-through order routing for execution.

Use cases

Increase your revenues, broaden your customer base, and expand your product lines by partnering with YieldX.

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