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Integrate with your existing investment ecosystem

With the YieldX API, you can integrate our powerful functionality to offer customized income portfolios directly into your existing platform.

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Income portfolios as a service

The days of “set it and forget it” allocations to big fixed income mutual funds are over.


Portfolios as a service

InPaaS asks simple questions such as the amount you want to invest, the income or yield target, and the diversification preferences, and generates an ETF/CEF portfolio optimized for expense and risk at the targeted level. With real-time execution, rebalancing alerts and suggestions, InPaaS makes managing a yield or income target a seamless experience.

The InPaaS advantage

The problem

Fixed income ETFs are heading to $2 trillion in AuM across 700+ funds. With credit curves flattening, investors are often taking unnecessary risks and paying too much for the achieved yield.

The solution

In less than one minute, you can build an optimized portfolio at a target yield between 0.5-12%(*) with as much as 50% reduction in risk and expense ratio versus the average ETFs/CEFs at that yield level.

(*) as of Sep 1st, 2020

Use cases

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